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Remember Remember by Lisa Cutts - Review.

Remember, Remember - Lisa Cutts

Publication Date: Available Now from Myriad Editions


Source: Publisher Review Copy.


When Nina returns to work after recovering from a near-fatal injury, she’s supposed to be keeping her head down. But the cold case she’s working on – an infamous train crash from 1964 – is no match for the lure of the shootings, drugs deaths and robberies keeping her colleagues busy.


The second book in the “Nina Foster” series from Lisa Cutts and my first read – I do have the debut “Never Forget” which I purchased a while ago, but due to time constraints at the moment I decided I was going to jump into this one and be up to date. Well kind of. I will definitely be going back to read the first one now and there was absolutely no issue in storyline by starting here.


Nina is back at work and being treated with kid gloves – NOT something she is particularly fond of and I immediately got a feel for her as a character as she pretty much set her own path, so there was an instant connection for me as a reader – when she is tasked with looking into an old case, but it turns out to have very particular implications on a current one, the scene is set for a terrific mystery and a very addictive story.


I do love Crime Fiction – there is an element of fun to reading Crime that you cannot get from any other type of novel – so when it is done well, as it certainly is here, it is pure joy to read. There is a wonderful flow, some terrifically drawn characters and an intelligent intriguing mystery to solve as you go. Written in a way that allows you to interpret the clues and follow the trail alongside our main protagonists, with some surprising twists and turns along the way to keep you on your toes, it was a thoroughly enjoyable and  fast paced, imaginative read.


There are a lot of police procedurals around in the market these days, some might say too many, but for me it just goes to show how popular this type of novel is. When you get one like this it is very easy to see why – when you are reading for pure escapism, but do also want an emotional resonance to it, this is the type of book you pick up. In the case of this particular example, you will not be disappointed –  Some great writing, with creative character development, wrapped up in a riddle to solve, if you are a fan of Crime fiction then this is not to be missed.


Happy Reading Folks!