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Finding Harry Styles - Review.

Finding Harry Styles - G.B. Hope

I purchased this book for two reasons - I had a train journey to London to get through and the author made me laugh with something a bit random. So I thought what the heck, even though I probably would not have bought it normally.

I actually really enjoyed it. More than I thought I would for sure, and it was a highly entertaining way to kill what would otherwise have been an extremely dull couple of hours.

There are various characters scattered around the country after a sudden and unexplained mass power loss. NOTHING works. Not mobiles, not cars, not tablets not anything. You can't call the emergency services, you can't microwave your dinner and unless the person is standing right next to you communication is impossible. You COULD try standing on high ground and shouting loudly, but that is as likely to get you killed as anything else.

So anyway, we meet a few people, follow them on their journey as they try and find each other, or loved ones, and it is sometimes funny, sometimes sad, often you will need to suspend disbelief and holding it all together at the core is One Direction. Not the band themselves that much, or the boy of the title who is much loved by girls everywhere, but more the idea of hero worship and obsession - not just of celebrities but of people you have in your life.

There are some parts where I thought "oh well THAT would never happen" but this is after all, fiction. The writing is solid if not polished and the flow is good - I liked how the author explored how different personalities dealt with different situations, and it was pretty well constructed as we jumped between one group and another.

I really liked the ending because I did what the characters did....completely ignored something major that had just happened then stopped and went "erm hang on a minute..."

Overally then an enjoyable dependable read. Its not going to win any literary prizes, but I was engaged with the story, wanted to know the outcome and really wouldnt mind if the author continues with the tale. I'd like to know what happens next to our little group and I'd like to know more about the event itself - this story is about the consequences and as such was surprisingly addictive.

Happy Reading Folks!


**Source: Purchased for the kindle via Amazon UK**