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Forever Yours by Daniel Glattauer - Review.

Forever Yours - Daniel Glattauer,  Jamie Bulloch

Hmm another love/hate book for me I seem to be in the middle of them!

The story was quite compelling - Judith meets a man seemingly randomly and he treats her really well and shows a lot of interest in her - she likes the attention but doesnt really feel the attraction he feels to her. This leads to all sorts of things but mostly a rather stalkish and intense relationship that was not good for either of them.

The first part of the book I really thought was terrific - even though I found the conversational style difficult to follow, whether that is a translation thing (as in lost in translation NOT a problem with the actual translator who as always has done a brilliant job) or whether it was just the way it was written I'm not sure but I had to re-read occasionally to make sure I understood the concept. That aside though it was an engaging read - mostly because I was absolutely unsure of the intentions of the characters.

Then if I'm honest the whole thing stopped making sense to me. I lost a lot of the relationship I'd developed, especially with Judith, who became annoying. I'm still not sure what I made of the ending either...

All in all I liked it, didnt LOVE it, but am intrigued enough to read another book from Daniel Glattauer because there is something there for sure, I'm just not sure what it is.

Happy Reading Folks!


**Source: Publisher review copy***