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Because she Loves Me by Mark Edwards - Review.

Because She Loves Me - Mark Edwards

So another madly addictive and excellent thriller from the pen of Mark Edwards who is fast becoming a favourite of mine when it comes to adult psychological fiction with those lovely little twists and turns and mad misdirection that make a reading experience so much fun.


In this novel we meet Andrew who believes he MAY have found the love of his life. But all is not right and as more and more things go wrong around him, he begins to wonder just who it is he has become involved with…


Another difficult book to review without spoiling it that is for sure – things ebb and flow and just when you think you have grasped the point it will slip away from you – hey even I did not work out the truth behind the web of deceit until VERY late on, ooh just a touch more Mr Edwards and you’ll be in my hall of fame. It is absolutely addictive reading, no way once you start you will want to stop and as usual the author has brought his unique style and depth to his characters making you either love them dearly or loathe them with a fiery vengeance. Not a lot of inbetween really, not even with the more peripheral supporting cast.


I often thought Andrew was a bit dim but he was very appealing, I really liked Charlie even though it is entirely possible she is a bunny boiler…and all those around them were integral to the plot often in ways you didnt see coming. All in all terribly well executed as ever and written in a brilliantly readable and engrossing style.


Highly Recommended for fans of pyschological thrillers and crime. Perfect way to while away an afternoon.


**Sent to me by the author**


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