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For those of you not on my Facebook. My 10 books that stayed with me.

I was tagged by Mark Edwards to name ten books that have stayed with me, which was REALLY hard as so many do. But here we are in no particular order

1) The Humans Matt Haig do I really need to say why?
2) A Place of Execution Val McDermid - as far as I'm concerned one of the best crime fiction novels ever written so always remembered.
3) The Devil you Know Mike Carey Much loved because it was my first "Urban Fantasy" book and set me off on a love of that genre and all its offshoots.
4) Watching Over You Mel Sherratt Ella freaked me the heck out for heavens sake, I still think she's following me...
5) To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee. One of those novels you never leave behind you.
6) The Gone Away World - Nick Harkaway in my top ten of fave books ever, also really really surprised me which doesnt happen often so remembered for that reason.
7) The Girl with all the Gifts - hey its Mike Carey again, that man should write more! This one gave me a kick in reminding me why I read, which was getting lost amongst all the reviewing.
8) The Stand - Stephen King. Never forgotton because it was my first King. Does ANYONE forget their first King?
9) Only Ever Yours Louise O Neill - Scary in its realities and oh my GOSH that ending. Nooooo...I can't cope. Never going to leave me that one.
10) House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski - the scariest book I have EVER read plus one that takes a heck of a lot of patience to read due to its extremely quirky and odd writing style. SO worth it though if you can cope.

There we go then! That was fun to think about - I now tag Jack Croxall Sharon Riley Sant Andrew Turner and Hayley Thomas-Hunt to tell us their's - Good luck guys!



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