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Elysian Fields - Review.

Elysian Fields - Suzanne  Johnson

Publication Date: Available now from Headline


Source: BookBridgr


New Orleans is under attack from a copycat who is mimicking the crimes of a serial killer who terrorized the streets almost a century earlier. Drusilla Jaco could happily live without the advances of the 200-year-old undead pirate Jean Lafitte, but through him DJ learns the terrible truth: this is no copycat – someone has resurrected the original Axeman of New Orleans. And to make matters worse, the attacks aren’t random at all. He’s after her.


The first thing to say is that when I requested this book I did not realise that it was part of an ongoing series (pay attention Liz!) but I decided to dive in anyway and it did not really matter at all although there are quite strong links to the previous two so I would recommend reading those first (Royal Street followed by River Road) – I am, for sure, going to purchase and read those as soon as possible.


Highly entertaining this one – definitely some of the best Urban Fantasy I’ve read for a while, a heck of a reading pace with some wonderfully eclectic characters and a strong intelligent storyline that hooked me in immediately. Also the second novel I’ve read lately that involves the mythology of The Axeman of New Orleans, in this case done in a very different way but just as compelling and I have to say that kind of made the book for me and gave me an anchor.


The world building is fantastic, even taking into consideration that I”ve obviously missed some important aspects, I loved the mix of magic and twisty turny plotline which gave the whole thing a definite edge over some of the other series out there.


Ms Johnson’s writing is sublimely addictive, I rattled through the whole thing in one reading session and enjoyed every last moment. I am extremely fond of Drusilla Jaco, did not take her long to make it onto my favourite character list. VERY much looking forward to taking a journey back in time and then, hopefully, forward. More please.


Happy Reading Folks!