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Now you See Me by Emma Haughton - Review.

Now You See Me - Emma Haughton

Publication Date: Available now from Usborne.


Source: Purchased Copy.


Three years ago, thirteen-year-old Danny Geller vanished without trace.
His family and friends are still hanging on to every last shred of hope. Not knowing if he’s alive or dead, their world is shrouded in shadows, secrets and suspicions.
This is the story of what happens when hope comes back to haunt you. When your desperation is used against you. When you search for the truth – but are too scared to accept the reality staring you in the face…


An absolutely brilliant psychological thriller come family drama,  based apparently on a real life case which I shall have to track down, we follow Hannah as she tries to come to terms with the loss of her best friend having already lost her mother to a tragic accident. When Danny disappears, she is thrown into turmoil, as life becomes something very different.


I found this highly intriguing throughout, not least because Hannah herself had great depth of character, her thought processes and actions bringing into sharp focus the emotional turmoil that loss can bring – especially loss where there is no closure, no clue as to what went wrong. Even though we have an insular view of events, told as it is solely by the one person, the rest of the “cast” come alive through her eyes – her father, Danny’s parents and Sister, her friends – and she manages to make you feel her frustration as it becomes clear that secrets are being kept.


As the tale unfolds it is absolutely riveting – one of those stories that is not only thrilling but highly emotional, often upsetting but always compelling and that makes you cling on, desperate for the answers. As in life though, not everything is clear cut and often the truth we seek can hurt – another reason I found this one so fascinating, especially when it came to Danny’s mum, an amazingly complex yet captivating character.


It has a wonderful flow to it, beautifully written to keep you on your toes, totally character driven with a real poignant feel that puts you in the moment, I can certainly recommend this for anyone who loves a twisty tale with heart and soul.


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