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Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes. Review.

Broken Monsters - Lauren Beukes

Publication Date: 31st July.


Huge thanks to Kate and the Killer Reads team for the nightmares.


In the city that’s become a symbol for the death of the American dream, a nightmare killer is unravelling reality. Detective Gabi Versado has hunted down many monsters during her eight years in Homicide. She’s seen stupidity, corruption and just plain badness. But she’s never seen anything like this.


Read this book and never sleep again. No really I am NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN. It was worth it though. When I’m dragging my weary sleep deprived self through the next few days I shall look back on the sheer exhileration of this reading experience and embrace the madness…


The single problem I have with this novel is how to review it without spoiling some ambience, some of the beauty hidden inside the horror of it all so I can give the next reader the same total immersion into that world that I had. I certainly can’t tell you what it is all about. It is a dream read this one, both literally and figuratively. Even killers have dreams indeed….


There are many engaging characters, one of which is the city of Detroit itself, living and breathing here in the pages as much as any of the people residing there – you will absolutely walk the streets and feel the vibe.


We follow several of these residents as the hunt for a killer turns into an urban myth in the making, the sheer magic of the storytelling involving the reader every step of the way. And oh my word, how can I describe how Lauren Beukes makes you SEE things in your head, often things that will burn themselves onto your psyche and hold on for dear life…hence the rather intense dreams I have found myself having the last few nights as I got further and further into the brilliantly imagined drama.


I will warn you this is definitely not for the faint hearted. And there is no point in trying to fit this one into a genre box, it will punch its way back out again a few chapters later. It will entertain you, it will haunt you. It will drag you kicking and screaming into an unimaginable place that is all too real.


A rollercoaster of a ride with some heart stopping moments and some tremendously stunning imagery, it is one of those stories that  will chill your soul and make you wonder about the world around you.


So go in, mind open, try not to read TOO much about it before you start and just let yourself be transported to Detroit. Take your camera!


Amazing. I am in awe.


Happy Reading Folks!