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Quarter Past Two on a Wednesday Afternoon - Review.

Quarter Past Two On A Wednesday Afternoon - Linda Newbery

It was the day when everything stopped, and something started that was quite different, that couldn’t be controlled or shaped or ended.
At quarter past two on a Wednesday afternoon, Anna leaves her big sister, Rose, dozing on a sun lounger in the garden and goes out to the shops. She never sees her again.
Twenty years later, and the tragedy of Rose’s mysterious disappearance still haunts her family.


So another family drama for me and I can’t get enough of them these days – always something that speaks to me somewhere in the pages – and this one was no different, it was a wonderfully emotional and compelling story, beautifully written and constructed, telling the tale of Anna, Rose, and those around them.


The story is told through several different layers of time, each part uncovering another nugget of family background that adds to the whole and understanding of the people involved. Some excellent characterisation and insight allows you to slowly come to know them and I was enthralled throughout. I adored Anna, who drifts without anchor through her life, every decision or indecision coloured by her loss and Rose is an enigmatic character who although no longer around, influences the lives of those she left behind in very emotional ways.


I especially liked the sense of time and place – how very different the before and after was for Anna and her family – added to that the differences in ambience between modern times and the time when Anna’s parents were growing up, it made the whole thing more poignant and evocative. Cleverly achieved.


Overall I found this to be a fascinating read and one that will definitely appeal to fans of well written family drama with a mystery twist. Excellent stuff, I shall look forward to more!


Happy Reading Folks!