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Bulldog Drummond: Dead Mans Gate - Review.

Bulldog Drummond: Dead Man's Gate (Bulldog Drummond continuation adventures) - Stephen Deas

Thank you to PIQWIQ for the review copy.


For most men, the trenches and mud of Flanders were a place of gruelling dread. For Captain Hugh ‘Bulldog’ Drummond, DSO, MC, they were an addiction. Returning to civilian life after the end of the war, Drummond drifts in ennui, craving the excitement, until in desperation he places and advert in The Times… and very soon he finds himself chasing the spectre of a criminal mastermind through international conspiracies and old treasures hidden for hundreds of years.


A rollicking adventure set in 1920′s London and re-booting an old classic – admittedly I have not read the original Bulldog Drummond books but I sure am inspired to do so now if this is the kind of terrific and exciting story I can expect.


Straight into the action, starting us off with a bank heist, this was a wonderful mix of action and characterisation – although I would have liked it to be longer to get a better sense of the people and settings. As a short story it worked very well for me, I devoured it very quickly and was completely immersed in the tale throughout.


I cannot offer a comparison to the original – what I CAN say is that I would like more from Mr Deas using this character, preferably in the form of a full length novel – there is some terrific writing here and it was over way too soon!


As a short, sharp dose of reading adrenalin though it comes highly recommended from me, and I hope that my wish for a longer, even more satisfying instalment will be fulfilled.


Happy Reading Folks!