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Deep Winter by Samuel Gailey - Review.

Deep Winter - Samuel W. Gailey

Coming 20th February 2014 from Penguin Group Blue Rider Press.


Thank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via netgalley.


A devastating murder in an isolated small town sets off an unstoppable chain of events made more complicated—and more dangerous—by the town’s dark secrets.


A clever and compelling character driven novel about the events leading up to and the aftermath of a brutal murder. Told from several points of view over a short period of time, this was a fascinating old school type read with a wonderful noir feel to it.

Bang at the heart of this story is Danny – slow since a childhood accident but with a good heart, he finds himself caught up in events he can barely understand. With the inhabitants of the town all too ready to judge him and accept the worst, he finds himself in a maelstorm created by a very evil man.


Mr Gailey has created a tense, claustrophobic atmosphere within the tightly woven and fast moving plot – and given us an authentic soundbite of small town life. Where everyone knows everyone else, but equally everyone has secrets. This is not a “WhoDunnit” this is a rather dark look at human nature…how we view others, how they view us. Nicely executed – if the authors intention was to make us consider more carefully our reactions and assumptions about those around us then job done.


Unpredictable and astute, I would recommend this for lovers of Crime Fiction, especially if they like it with a classic feel rather than a more modern one.


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