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The Pleasures of Autumn - Review.

The Pleasures of Autumn - Evie Hunter

NOTE: This review is by my sometime  co-writer on liz loves books and partner in crime, Storm Drummey - Thanks to Penguin for the review copy. Oh and you guys if you click the link below the review, might like to scroll down to Storm's 50 shades review. Its snarky. And earned her a whole day of Twitter Fame! :)




Museum curator Sinead O’Sullivan, a girl with secrets, finds herself accused of stealing a priceless jewel from the very museum she works at. Her fingerprints are everywhere, an eyewitness puts her at the scene, and the damning CCTV evidence does not lie…and yet she is defiant, she did NOT steal the jewel.

Private investigator Niall Moore is hired by both the museum to retrieve the jewel from Sinead, and by Sinead’s uncle to prove her innocence.
Neither trusts the other, and with good reason, and yet they find the sexual chemistry between them impossible to ignore…


Those ‘in the know’ know that I have been on a painstaking quest to find well written erotica following the ‘boom’ of the genre over the last couple of years. This is the first in the ‘Pleasures’ series that I have read (It works fine as a stand-alone though), and boy could I have saved myself the torture of reading some right drivvle during my quest – if only I’d have found these sooner!


Ok so the lead characters do jump into bed ridiculously quickly – well in my world anyway (what am I doing wrong?!!) But then that can be forgiven because, well, quite frankly what do you expect from erotica?!

There is a bit of BDSM in there, but not in a scary ‘red room of pain’ kind of way; but more of a not-my-thing-but-still-kinda-hot sort of way. And its quite refreshing that the Dom is not a complete arse, and the Sub isn’t a pathetic mess – both are strong, intelligent, likable characters – and you find yourself really caring about what happens to them.


And the bonus prize goes to… the author for actually including -would you believe it?- a STORY! And not a bad one at that – a good plot, mystery, suspense, action, romance…and erotic scenes that are not there for their own sake but that actually do contribute to your understanding of the characters’ relationship.


And so I am thankful that my quest has been fulfilled – erotica can be well written – no more glorified porn for me! I’d recently decided that maybe I was being too harsh, and that maybe I’m just not a fan of the genre after all. However, although I think the erotica will be put way down the bottom of the reading list from now on…. I may just be able to make time for a few more from the ‘Pleasures’ series…



Source: http://lizlovesbooks.com/lizlovesbooks/storms-reviews