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The Violet Hour by Katherine Hill - Review.

The Violet Hour: A Novel - Katherine   Hill

For a moment that afternoon, it was only woman and water, the Bay in all its sickening glory squaring itself for a fight.Life hasn’t always been perfect, but for Abe and Cassandra Green, an afternoon on the San Francisco Bay might be as good as it gets. He’s a doctor piloting his new sailing boat. She’s a sculptor finally getting a bit of recognition. Their beautiful daughter Elizabeth is off to Harvard at the end of the summer. But then there is a terrible row. Cassandra has been unfaithful. In a fit of insanity, Abe throws himself off the boat.


A compelling tale of human relationships and emotions, Katherine Hill’s “The Violet Hour”  is a slow moving yet emotional tale of a rather dsyfunctional family. Telling the story of Abe and Cassandra Green, their lives, their marriage, their daughter, this is a classic family drama that ebbs and flows between events that influence and change them.


What I liked about this one is that it is not focussed on any one thing, more a selection of the ups and downs of life that change who we are. Told from the perspective of different players in the drama, the mother/daughter relationship is especially well drawn.


If you like your novels fast paced and heart stopping this is not for you – Ms Hill has a gentle rolling style that slowly but surely unravels the heart of her characters and tells you who they are – with love, loss, infidelity and desire all in the mix its a cleverly concocted and fascinating tale.


Recommended for lovers of angst and sprawling family histories where you will not love everyone you meet…


Happy Reading Folks!


**Thank you kindly to Penguin for the review copy via netgalley***