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Cutting Right to the Chase

Cutting Right to the Chase - Stefania Mattana Thank you to the author for a copy of this book to review. This is a collection of short stories featuring former Scotland Yard detective Chase Williams. Each one depicts a rather unusual case that Chase finds himself embroiled in, sometimes when he would really rather not! This is such a terrific little book to just have on your kindle for those odd moments where you are waiting for something and can't read for long, or like me, have a Sunday Afternoon where you just want to dip into something fun and involving. Each story is short and sweet - I would say the average reader could complete one in 15 minutes. All are intriguing and Chase is a perfect character to spend a few moments with and its a joy to go along with him as he solves some rather intriguing mysteries. He has a dry sense of humour and an ironic outlook - I related to him very well. There are 6 stories in the collection, each one a little reading gem. Highly recommended for anyone who is trying to reboot their reading self and for those of us who love a quick, easy short story just to get us through the odd moment of boredom. Great stuff. Happy Reading Folks!