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Little Girl Lost - Brian McGilloway At the start of "Little Girl Lost" a young child is found, wandering the snowy woods in her nightclothes, with no identification and an unwillingness to talk. DS Lucy Black is called out to the scene and so begins her story. Having returned home to care for her Father who is suffering from dementia, Lucy finds herself caught up in the case of the mysterious child, the kidnapping of a teenager, and a delve into the past of her own family. A multi layered tale, the clues are subtly included in the narrative, the author finds no need to resort to unbelievable coincidences to link one thing to another and therein lies the beauty of the story. There are a couple of things that I especially liked about this book - Firstly, the interaction between Lucy and her father, and the scene setting of what it can be like to deal with a relative who suffers from this problem - as a person who knows it first hand I can honestly say that this narrative is both extremely realistic, both with reference to the actions of Dad and the emotional responses it provokes in Lucy, and with the idea it gives of the extreme strain this can place on a relationship with a loved one. The other thing I loved was the layering of the story - a plot within a plot within a plot if you like, that kept me turning the pages long into the night. The background in reference to the "troubles" is well written and done in such a way so that you do not need to have any depth of knowledge of the history in order to follow the influences it has on the characters lives today. There is a twist in the tale and a heart wrenching moment, both of which make this just about perfect. I am hoping that we see this character again - and in the meantime I will be hunting down the "Inspector Devlin" books to have a look at. Excellent. Read this.