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Cold Killing: A Novel - Luke Delaney In Luke Delaney's debut novel he brings us DI Sean Corrigan, a detective with a dark past, who's childhood trauma gives him greater insight into the criminal mind - especially the darker criminal mind - than most. A man is murdered - stabbed repeatedly, the killer leaving no clues behind. Enter DI Corrigan to investigate and he soon realises that there is more to this murder scene than meets the eye. Corrigan is an interesting character to be sure - its not unique to Crime fiction to have a police officer who is less than normal, but Mr Delaney has created a protagonist with a true dark side and a realistic one at that. The villain is truly villainous and that is always a plus - a crime novel with a wishy washy or fairly standard "bad guy" can be quite dull, but the author has avoided that pitfall. The supporting cast of characters all have their good and bad sides and are excellent sidekicks to the main character. The plot moves along nicely,at a pretty perfect pace and you will certainly keep turning the pages. If you love Crime Fiction you will like this. It has its flaws - one being I realised who the killer was quite early on, the second being that there isnt really that much new to be found here.Yes its a great crime novel and definitely worth the purchase price, and the potential is there for the series (there is a taster of the next book at the end of this) to grow in stature. Hence 4* for me not 5 as yet although if Corrigan develops in character depth I can easily see there being a 5* awarded in the future. Well done to Luke Delaney, it was thoroughly enjoyable and certainly a good edition to the genre.