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A Dream of Storms - William J. Kenney Ok, so fantasy novels are not my thing. But I was told in no uncertain terms by my Husband that I should at least have a go, so I found this, having seen some stuff about it on Twitter. I've read some great "urban fantasy" and in my youth I did enjoy the Zanth novels by Piers Anthony so this looked like it might be a good place to start. I made the right choice. Mr Kenney has created a most tremendous character in Hagan Marindel..and the world he inhabits is superb in its imagining - I was drawn in immediately, and never looked back. You have dwarves (not enough of them!) and Elves, Trolls (who are not so evil after all it seems - I rather adored Gorin) as well as some beautifully depicted evil "monsters". Apparently I'm told, all staples of a good fantasy novel. The story flowed tremendously well, not one boring bit did I find and no skimming required. I devoured every word over a few days. You don't need a great amount of plot synopsis to know if it might be for you, basically Hagan is a hero who has taken to the drink, leaving his heroic side behind... but when a dark cloud approaches he is forced to pick up the mantle once again and sets of on a journey back to Harquinn, the ancient city, and he has a motley crew tagging along with him, of which the character Shindire was my favourite! The war is coming and come hell or high water, Gorin is going to be in it! Now...where is Book 2?