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A Matter of Blood - Sarah Pinborough Well Sarah Pinborough has done it again hasnt she? Wow. Loved this book and its highly entertaing. And a bit dark. As I'm in a dark place occasionally at the moment I really did go with the flow right along with it. There is the Supernatural touch but mostly its just a great story. In a time when recession has left the world in a very dark place,everyone owes "The Bank". Cass Jones, detective, has his own worries. Two boys dead after a shooting and the pesky serial killer known as the "man of flies" causing him a headache he could do without what with all the personal stuff he's putting up with on top. Then his dead brother REALLY puts the boot in....A mystery. A thriller. A supernatural tale. All and none of these things as usual for Ms Pinborough - you can't put her in a box because she just breaks out of it and sticks her tongue out at you as she runs off to write something else to bend your brain. I love it. I can relate to it. I hope she writes forever into eternity. I'll be there.