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Cursed  - Benedict Jacka So we come to the second book in the Alex Verus series from Benedict Jacka and it has solidified in my mind that this is a set of books I'm going to adore...and read every single one for as long as the author cares to keep writing them. Brilliant Urban Fantasy. This instalment finds Alex still hoping for the quiet life..but with his reputation growing its not as easy as it sounds. Luna, his sometime apprentice and friend is living up to her name, and when a beautiful woman literally throws herself at his feet whilst in mortal danger Alex reluctantly realises that, quiet life wishes aside, he's just going to have to leap back into the fray...I do love the characters and the world they live in. A familiar world on the surface but with hidden depths you can only imagine. Alex is a terrific creation - constantly questioning his own motivations then just shrugging and getting on with it, there are some terrific scenes involved when he is in ironic mode. His "sidekick" if you like, Luna, is emotional and torn between wanting to enter the world of magic and yet not really wanting to follow the rules. ..hence she often finds herself in trouble with Alex attempting to ride heroically to the rescue. He is a bit of an anti hero and often luck rather than judgement wins the day...all in all this makes for terrific reading.Humerous yet dark in places, and with some very real life themes hidden cleverly within the plot lines (cruelty to animals in this case...there are nefarious goings on surrounding the mystical creatures who pepper the world of Verus) these are terrific books and will take you away from the mundane in life and give you a hint of wonder...Happy Reading Folks!