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The Reluctant Cannibals - Ian Flitcroft Coming 1st OctoberShortlisted for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel AwardIrish Writers' Centre Novel Fair Award WinnerThank you to Legend, the author and Netgalley. So here is a book I would not have looked at twice if it wasnt coming from the amazing Legend Press who have yet to bring me a book I have not liked. And yes, they have indeed done it again....In the academic world of Oxford University several likeminded individuals have formed a secret dining society - finding forgotton and exotic recipes they enjoy some culinary treats. When one of their number, Professor Arthur Plantagenet, discovers he has a serious heart condition he comes up with a bizarre plan that will test the boundaries of the society to its limits....I loved this one. It was a complete joy to read and unique in its concept and its execution. When a guest dies due to a mishap in the creation of one of the culinary treats - ""What a bloody marvelous way to die" says one character while the corpse is still fresh at the table - the group is put under the spotlight...and consequences ensue not least due to Professor Plantagenet's weird and wonderful plan. The whole story is gloriously accomplished - the equivalent of the best meal you will ever eat in book form. A culinary masterpiece indeed...Dark humour abounds - and somewhat of an education. Little titbits about the history of certain food related topics can be found dotted about and it was fascinating stuff. Want to know what the practice of Sokushinbutsu entails? I know you do...and you will!Atmospheric and intriguing you will be swept along with all the marvellous and nutty characters, and this is elegantly written in a way thats easy to love. Oh I could tell you about so much more but I'm not going to, why oh why would I spoil in any way such a treat of a reading experience - you see this is a story the likes of which you are probably not going to find again, or have read before. So savour it. Pun intended. Happy Reading Folks!