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Fallen. Asleep most likely...

Fallen - Lauren Kate

I read this to the end in the hope that something might happen that would encourage me towards books 2 and 3 - but no. It was readable, I didn't hate it hence finishing it but I read so much YA of depth and this one was shallow, predictable and a little simplistic. Also the main character (Luce) didn't really have much too her. She did what girls in this type of YA are supposed to do but with a distinct lack of flair. In fact she was somewhat irritating as were the rest of the cast.

I liked the premise, but the group dynamic was a little too cliche, nothing really happened that you couldn't see coming on page one. The writing is fine, its just not special. I know this series has a lot of fans and I can see why in one way but it wasn't for me. There was a lot of wandering around and filler, a lot of wide eyed angst but little else in the way of substance.

Okish. I have the other two books and they look beautiful (in fact probably one of the stars I give this is for the cover) so maybe they'll encourage me back in one day. But for now I think I'll leave Luce and the rest to their shallow love in.