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Darkness Savage - The Dark Cycle. Great series.

Darkness Savage (The Dark Cycle) - Rachel A. Marks

I’ve loved the Dark Cycle series. Because I love a bit of magical mayhem with a demonic mix of wit and witchery. Phew.


So Darkness Savage is part 3 – the ending maybe, I don’t know but certainly it ties up an awful lot of stuff regarding Aiden and his sister, Rebecca and her struggle and all the highly addictive and intriguing plot elements Rachel Marks has brought to us in books one and two. Again it is fast moving, exciting, sometimes contemplative and the character arcs are as compelling as ever.


I like the world that has been built here, it is YA Urban Fantasy with a top notch descriptive sense that puts you right into the moment and some bang on characters to love and hate. Add to that an excellent nuanced plot that is written beautifully to be highly engaging and you have a winner.


Multiple viewpoints which work well, the mythology is solid and fascinating and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I’m sure there are more stories to tell within this universe. I hope they come along soon.