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Frostblood (The Frostblood Saga) - Elly Blake

Loved Frostblood.

Okay so there is a reason why YA novels of this type work so well for me - its the mix of fantasy and romance and a bang on story that just engulfs you. Frostblood is an adventure for the soul, engaging, fun characters, enough angst to shake a stick at and plenty of action and fiery frosty mayhem.

Come on you HAVE to love a bit of fiery frosty mayhem...

ANYWAY this is one of those novels I love to read when the weather is cold and real life is somewhat bleak, pure escapism with a lot of charm and a whole heap of that addictive quality that as readers we look for. Is it a brand new concept? Well no but that matters not - because its FUN and not only that you get right into it with the characters because you can tell that Elly Blake got right into it with the characters - an imaginative streak that came out in a brilliant way. The world building is classic, laying the foundations, drawing you in, loved the descriptive sense of it.

I was fond of Ruby whilst often wanting to slap her. Hey. Its just me. The romance is low key enough not to intrude on the more action and plot building aspects and thank heavens not endlessly saccharine which would have driven me nuts. All in all the set up is pretty perfect, count me in for the rest of this series, I'm hooked.

If Red Queen and Frozen had a lovechild it would look very much like Frostblood but Frostblood is also very much its own thing. Erm person? Ok I'm mixing up analogies and comparisons and whatever here but this is why I read them and don't write them. Basically Frostblood is all the fun. Roll on book 2!