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The Drowning Child

The Drowning Child (Ren Bryce) - Alex Barclay

Late to the party with Alex Barclay novels and Ive started here with book 6 in the series but don't let that stop you if you are in the same boat, easy enough to get into. Too easy if anything, I found it to be a bit of a page turner that often made me late for things.


Loved the vibe here. I like a good small town story, and in this instalment that is exactly where Ren has ended up - investigating a disappearance and discovering that in this town secrets lie buried deep.


Ren as a character is all kinds of messed up, events from previous books (which I will absolutely have to go back and read now dammit, like I need to add to the teetering pile) are defining her thinking a lot of the time but still she has a job to do and do it she will. I like a controversial character especially when embroiled in a twisty plot that is eminently unpredictable so for me The Drowning Child was an excellent read.


It is not perfect, Rens inner monologue sometimes distracted me, but it is part and parcel of her I assume (we'll find out when I go back) but for the most part the plot fairly rocks along. Some interesting and divisive characters, a strong mystery element and an endlessly fascinating story unfolding the writing is sharp and engaging and so here is yet another series Im adding to my must read list.


Recommended for Crime fiction fans.