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The Murder Game

The Murder Game - Catherine McKenzie writing as Julie Apple

So here is the thing. Catherine McKenzie wrote a book called Fractured. In Fractured the main protagonist Julie is in trouble because of a book she has written. That book is The Murder Game. So this book is a book from another book.

You've got to love that.

And also its a great story. Take a group of law students, friends, randomly tangled in relationships, learning criminal law and eventually moving on to various careers within that. Fast forward to a few years later, the friendships now somewhat fractured (yes yes I did that) and one of the group, Meredith, is assigned to a particularly sticky case. Not only sticky because of the defence being used but because this particular murder scene is all too familiar to Meredith...

I am a fan of the past/present vibe especially when it harks back to student days then catches up with those same characters years later, still being defined by what happened back then. And Julie Apple (AKA Catherine McKenzie) uses this with hugely satisfying results. Both timelines are intriguing, both are addictive, there is a great depth to the characters and an unpredictable quality about the whole thing that just makes you rocket through the read to find out what happens.

There are plenty of little twisty delights to be had here, also some great relationship entanglements that will have you shaking your head and the mystery element is beautifully drawn to make it more about the people than the actions. I really really enjoyed it. If you like a good psychological mystery you'll enjoy this for sure.

Now of course I want to read Fractured. It kind of has to be done. I shall track down a copy forthwith and see what happens to the author of The Murder Game. I'm hoping she survives. She needs to write more books.

Great stuff. Recommended.