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The Marriage Lie

The Marriage Lie - Kimberly Belle

Another day another psychological thriller (there is a reason we love them) and The Marriage Lie was a good one. Exploring as often these things do the secrets that we keep and how we can never truly know the person next to us, The Marriage Lie follows Iris as she discovers that perhaps her husband was not so perfect after all..


Starting with a plane crash in which it is claimed Will died, Iris in her grief just cannot accept that – especially as he was not supposed to be on that flight but a completely different one. Turns out though that Will was keeping secrets from Iris…and off we go on a journey of twisty turny discovery.


I liked this one for several reasons – it was fast and believable, our main protagonist determines to find out the truth and actually takes steps to do that, the plot rocks along and is utterly gripping. I read it in two immersive sittings and although I did have a clue about the outcome I was never entirely sure, Kimberley Belle keeps things randomly unpredictable and holds the attention.


I liked Iris as a character, she was easy to get behind and The Marriage Lie as a whole was a highly satisfying read. With what I thought was a great finale.


Definitely recommended for fans of this genre.