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Someone Is Watching.

Someone Is Watching: A Novel - Joy Fielding

I havent read a Joy Fielding book before. Not sure why seeing as how she's bang in my comfort zone and is an established and well respected author but I guess thats the way it is sometimes. You really CAN'T read everything (although hey, I'm giving it my best shot) I'll read more though.

Someone is Watching was novel of 2 halves for me. Going in expecting a psychological thriller of the usual variety I found that it was both that and a story about the aftermath of Rape.

Bailey is a strong, independent woman who falls apart after being brutally attacked. Confined for a lot of the time to her apartment as she struggles to come to terms with her trauma, a lot of the novel focuses on her confusion, her post traumatic stress and her attempts to come back from that. This then leads into not only the mystery of who in fact attacked her but goes off on another tangent also - into dysfuntional family threads and personal relationships.

The strength of the book for me was that level. It was frustrating and emotional as Bailey second guesses everything, believes she is going crazy, cannot hang onto reality. Her family are at odds and have been for a long time, her brother Heath, her half brothers and sisters, all have no idea and in some cases no real interest in how to help her.

The mystery element for me was almost secondary. The resolution was fairly predictable to be honest but I'm not sure that matters realistically when you look at the novel as a whole.

It was certainly compelling - Joy Fielding has that brilliantly flowing, engaging style of writing that always appeals to me, it is certainly a page turner - but in my case not because I was wondering who did what to who but because I wanted to see Bailey recover, take back control of her life, not let the bad guy win.

Definitely recommended. Probably for the reason that actually for the most part this does NOT do what it says on the tin.