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Too Close For Comfort...

Too Close for Comfort - Eleanor Moran

Too Close For Comfort was an intriguing and genuinely absorbing psychological drama (I don't want the say thriller because this is more considered than that) about a group of friends who are caught up in a whole lot of secrets and lies.

A possible suicide takes Mia Cosgrove to the small close knit community in which her best friend from childhood lives - Lysette is grieving and needs support - but Mia finds herself caught up in a group dynamic that is baffling and even possibly dangerous.

I like how Eleanor Moran twists and turns her characters, giving them depth and an enigmatic quality that slowly unravels as you read. Mia attempts to get to the truth but the truth is buried beneath many layers of both grief and perception. Mia herself is an intriguing character, not always entirely likeable but determined to help Lysette no matter the cost.

This makes for some fascinating plot development and my engagement with all the characters varied between intense dislike, sympathy and occasionally wanting to throw shoes. To me that shows great writing and a great story, you get enveloped into it and feel every moment.

If I had one nitpick it would be that the ending was not entirely convincing in its eventual reveal but that really is nitpicking because this one wasnt about the reveal moments. It was about the interpersonal relationships and the ever changing ebb and flow of female friendship.

Recommended. Proper storytelling.