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The Beautiful Dead...

The Beautiful Dead - Belinda Bauer

The Beautiful Dead is another one sitting brilliantly absorbing crime drama from the pen of Belinda Bauer - right at the top of the game in the crime genre right now and this one is an absolute corker.

I mean you can't go wrong really when the story is utterly addictive, the characters utterly divinely authentic and the plot is unpredictable with no compromise on the fear factor with a genuinely fascinating concept.

The serial killer thriller is not new. Yet somehow Ms Bauer manages to make it FEEL new especially when its not really about that. Or not for me anyway. For me it was all about Eve (yes I did that) and her struggle to manage a relative with dementia, a hard hitting and uncompromising career and her own self doubt. When she inadvertantly comes to the attention of a madman she is tested to her limits - and this is where the author comes into her own - making you feel every moment of Eve's inner struggle and outer actions.

Peppered with a strong and intriguing supporting cast, a fast moving and often edge of the seat plot and a killer whose motivations are just as compelling as the woman he obsesses over, The Beautiful Dead just rocks on every level. Awesome reading. Brilliant writing.

Thats all folks!