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Don't be a stranger to Strangers....

Strangers - Paul Finch

So, a new main protagonist for Paul Finch then and I was really? But I want Heck. Now I’m all “GIVE ME MORE LUCY” because this book was excellent.


Its a most addictive story, peppered with memorable characters and with some truly edge of the seat action moments during which I caught myself actively clutching my hair. If I go bald we’ll know who to blame. Also an interesting and fascinating premise – the female serial killer – is only one part of a multi-layered and endlessly intriguing plot line.


Sat at the centre is Lucy Clayburn, she REALLY wants to be a detective. I mean really. She tends to end up in hot water though but hey that won’t stop her so when she is offered the chance to redeem her somewhat tarnished reputation and get back on her chosen career track she jumps at it. Cue many shenanigans which I’m not going to tell you anything about. I COULD tell you but then I’d have to kill you. Just go with the flow. You won’t regret it.


The writing as ever is darkly intuitive – this is what makes me a Paul Finch fan – its got a kind of underlying humerous edgy feel to it which sends you deep into the story and glues you to the page. Characters are always key and this author knows how to create the ones that stick in your head, occasionally irrationally irritate you (in the best reading way) and who you bond with completely practically from page one. And I’m not only talking the good guys…


Overall Strangers is just damned good crime fiction. DAMNED good. Peter James calls Paul Finch a “born storyteller”. That Peter James has a good eye…


Don’t be a stranger to Strangers – you’ll be missing out on a banging good read and really, we can’t have that.