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Vigil - Angela Slatter
 I do love a good Urban Fantasy me and this one, set in Brisbane, is totally rocking. Excellent setting, brilliant world building and a main character I adored.


Verity Fassbinder is sharp, witty and different – half human half Weyrd she hovers between two worlds sorting out problems, keeping people (and everything else) in line. Well, kind of. She lives in the shadow of her good old Dad, doesnt suffer fools gladly and is impulsive enough to often get into trouble. Loved her.


The layers built into this imaginary world are rich and enticing – I especially enjoyed the politics of the Weyrd world, kind of like our own but with added spells and stuff.  Descriptively speaking Vigil is a joy to read, Angela Slatter brings Brisbane to life in a beautifully fascinating way.


The story itself is highly addictive with lots of action and magical mayhem, enough reality to keep you grounded, an often emotional tug on the heartstrings and plenty going on – a near perfect set up to what I hope will be a long running series. The supporting cast of characters are all totally banging (loved The Boatman more of him please) – Vigil will cast its own spell on you as you read and you will be utterly captivated.


This is what I like. Those days where the world we live in gets just a little too much, books like Vigil are exactly what you need to escape the rain. Although watch out for them there Angels. They may be watching and you’d never know it…


Highly Recommended.