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Promise Of Wrath.

Promise of Wrath (The Hellequin Chronicles) - Steve McHugh

Its probably no secret that I'm a bit of a fan of this series - having been in it from the start and watched it grow and go from strength to strength - Promise of Wrath edges us towards a conclusion for Nate and his band of few in an addictive page turning thrill ride. I banged through it. Mind you I always do with these...

This instalment is actually a little bit more difficult to review than the others because so much happens that is spoilerific and we can't have that - no no no. But seriously its basically Nate doing what he does best, dealing with the bad guys, protecting the good guys, Steve McHugh blurring those lines beautifully so often you are not entirely sure which is which.

I like those shades of grey - Nate has plenty of them he's not the shining hero but more the type of anti-hero I adore in urban fantasy, often torn between right and the urge to just burn everything in a fiery ball of hell flame (actually I love it when he loses those battles it is an adrenalin fuelled reading rush) As a main protagonist for this ever fascinating story he is utterly perfect.

The same blend of mythology we know and love with the authors own twist and imaginative sense means that Promise of Wrath, like all the Hellequin chronicles before it, is a dream of a read for fans of this genre. One more to go. This saddens and excites me in equal measure.

Bring. It. On.

Highly Recommended.