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IMPACT. Hold on tight...

Impact (Outer Earth) - Rob Boffard

Oh Impact. How I loved you. Except now we are at the end of the Outer Earth trilogy and I am immeasurably bereft. But before I sobbed into my pillow I was all OOH. Yay. Wait don’t do that. NO OR THAT. Ok you can do that. DON’T GO SO FAST. Actually go faster…


Rob Boffard’s writing style is akin to racing a Ferrari down a one way street and hoping to God the brakes are good before you hit the wall – it is fast, furious, utterly delightful and manages somehow to be as character driven as it is action packed. This was true of Tracer, of Zero-G and is even more true of Impact in a lot of ways as the author widens the scope and sets new targets in his sights.


I can’t really review the plot that much – I’m aware that some people will not even have started this series yet (why not? Go grab those car keys) so don’t want to spoil anything at all. Suffice to say the entire experience has been one of adrenalin fuelled imaginative joy with the odd introspective moment that just adds a beautiful layer to the whole. If you like your thrills thrilling, your characters complex and your world building  artistic and ingenious then the Outer Earth trilogy is probably for you.


Loved it. And then loved it some more. What now Mr Boffard I say what now? Do that again. Do it better. Do it FASTER.  Why even bother with brakes?


Mad, exhilarating insanity. Every. Second. Counts.


That is all.


Highly Recommended.