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The American Girl..

The American Girl - Kate Horsley

The American Girl was a bang on psychological thriller, well told story with plenty of twists and the added advantage of not necessarily being predictable - and I liked the way the past/present vibe was used in this novel - a kind of found footage twist that worked very well.

The American Girl stumbles out of the woods one night and is immediately involved in an accident - remembering nothing of what has happened or the whereabouts of the family she was staying with the small community rallies around her. But the town itself has its secrets and soon the tables will turn.

I liked that Kate Horsley honed the backstory to perfection as we begin to find out what has lead up to recent events - I especially like the strands of the narrative that speak to a young girl spiralling somewhat out of control. The reporter who starts off looking simply for a story then ends up becoming emotionally involved added an extra layer that also added to the addictive nature of the storytelling.

Exploring some fairly modern themes - in this digital age if your life goes viral and the world is watching, just how do you cope with that - and the added mystery element of who what why and when just means that The American Girl works on several levels. Whilst it may be nothing entirely new it was one of those that held my interest throughout and was a pretty darned good read.