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The Hummingbirds Cage

The Hummingbird's Cage - Tamara Dietrich

The Hummingbirds cage was a game of two halves for me. Well a beginning, middle and end.

The beginning I thought was stunningly good -as an authentic, hard hitting and hugely emotional look at domestic violence and control told by one of its victims I was immediately horrifed and engaged by the story flowing out in front of me. Joanna is caught in a web and escape seems impossible until one day she just goes for it taking her young daughter with her. In this part of the novel Tamara Dietrich uses the little nuances, the small details seemingly dropped into the narrative to make you feel every moment of Joanna's anguish both physical and mental - clever immersive writing indeed.

Then the story took a turn that I thought was very clever but ultimately took me a step away from the emotional core of what had gone before. I became interested more in the construction and where the author might be going and speculated somewhat wildly which actually for me personally didnt work as well. My interest waned as things became clearer instead of the other way around. The quality did not dip it was one of those things where its not doing what you want it to do so you get vaguely grumpy with it. Subjective - a writer can only write their story and a reader can only take what they do from it. Still I wish the initial WOW had stuck with me.

Back on track later and Tamara Dietrich gives us a mixed but emotive ending which pulled me right back in so overall I would recommend this one as everyone else may read it differently. The writing is beautiful, the character building is quirky in places but excellent and the story is for the most part an addictive rollercoaster ride of emotion.

A lot of big sellers based on domestic violence this year. The Hummingbirds Cage sits somewhere in the middle of the pack for me - the subject matter is tackled sensitively and realistically but the direction the story went was different (probably a good thing I will say you won't read one like this) and didn't quite hit all the sweet spots for me as a reader.

Give it a go. An interesting one for discussion...