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The Family Man.

The Family Man - Mark Meadows, T. J. Lebbon

The Hunt, the previous novel to this, I read in one huge gulp of a sitting and actually the same thing just happened so really, Mr Lebbon it could be said writes utterly banging unputdownable thrillers.


The first part of this story had me putting my hands over my eyes going NO NO JUST DON’T DO IT YOU FOOL whilst our main protagonist Dom considers a risky, unlikely and totally out of the blue plan from one of his friends. Then I spent the next part of the book hanging on by my fingernails whilst things took a terrible turn for Dom and suddenly his family are in mortal danger. Just goes to show, you should never trust your friends. Or something.


As for the last bit well. Killer. Loved it. So really the whole thing was terrific. Opening salvo to insanely exciting finish. Tis what a good thriller should be for sure. Plus the author sneaks some devilish little plot twists in there to keep you on your toes in case you thought you knew what was going on.


Addictive writing style, utterly absorbing story, if you need to actually sleep at night don’t start this one late. Thats all really.


Highly Recommended