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Ink and Bone

Ink and Bone: A Novel - Lisa Unger

Ink and Bone is the very definition of a page turner – its kind of crime fiction, kind of other, with a banging main protagonist in Finley, a girl who has a lot more about her than is first apparent. Gripping from the very first page I rattled through this one over one night then was late for work. Luckily for me work is very forgiving…


This is also quite an emotional thriller, involving as it does a missing child and Lisa Unger captures the horror and the heartache of those left behind really well, some of it was heartbreaking to read. Around that she builds a beautifully addictive mystery element and gives us Finley to guide us through. There are some real edge of the seat moments, some really really tear jerking moments and a whole cast of characters that are full of depth and entirely fascinating.


Some twists and turns, some beautifully immersive descriptive prose along with a really well plotted and well drawn storyline, Ink and Bone was a book worth staying up for.

I’m assuming (hoping?) that this will be the start of a series because it was really great, I can definitely see this expanding into a great ongoing thing – if that happens I’ll be first in line each time.