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The Perfect Girl. But is she?

The Perfect Girl: A Novel - Gilly MacMillan

As a huge fan of “Burnt Paper Sky” I had that little worry that the second novel could not possibly be as good but noooooooo worries there – The Perfect Girl is a bang on target read, addictive, emotional, very intense at times with some really fascinating characters and a story with a few little twists in the tale…

So Zoe then, she was a pretty typical teenager except for her outstanding musical talent, but the typical teenager part threatened to destroy all that when one night at a party ended in tragedy. When we come into the picture, Zoe is about to give the first performance of her new life but by the end of this night tragedy will strike once again. Zoe it seems may be less on the perfect side and more on the dangerous…

Gilly Macmillan uses the multiple viewpoint plot device to perfection in “The Perfect Girl” – we hear from Zoe, from her Aunt, from her lawyer, all building a picture, not only of the present events but the past that lead them here. There is plenty of intricate character study running through the narrative, still waters run deep in this one, it is endlessly intriguing, often very melancholy and absolutely authentic.

I read it fast, this is one you won’t want to put down until you find out what the finale will bring – it had one of those classic thought provoking endings that stay with you. In a way it is a story about “what if” those little decisions made that change so much of the bigger picture and at the heart of it sits Zoe, prodigy, musical genius but very much still just a girl growing up.

Really very excellent. Very excellent indeed.

Highly Recommended