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The Outliers

The Outliers - Kimberly McCreight

Really enjoyed The Outliers. Its one of those fast, addictive reads that you just go along for the ride with, yes it has its issues (the main protagonist suddenly finding a way to get over her agrophobia being the main one so if you can gloss over that a bit you are good to go) but if you are looking for a pretty good story with some pretty good characters that will kill an afternoon you'll love this. Perfect comfort reading.

I read it fast - one of those that gripped me - starting off as a sort of a road trip to the rescue and ending up somewhere else entirely it was an imaginative story with a classically cliff hanger ending to make you want more. I will definitely keep reading this series to see what happens next.

This was very much a part one. Kimberly McCreight takes her time setting things up, allows you to get to know the two main characters as they travel the highways in search of their missing friend who appears to be in danger. The whole of the book has a speculative feel, both thriller and a touch of scifi/fantasy - all in all it was a good deal of fun