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The Last Thing I Remember.

The Last Thing I Remember: A Dark and Emotional Thriller - Deborah Bee

Read this in two hours straight - the addictive quality is way up there. You just do NOT want to stop reading. That in itself says something about The Last Thing I Remember.


The book for me was made by one of our two main protagonists, Kelly, teenage girl, typical of that age SUCH an authentic voice Deborah Bee brings to her. She is hilarious and complicated with a dry wit and a potty mouth - I loved reading her portions of the story as she tells the tale of her friendship with Sarah. Sarah we also hear from in her comatose state as she begins to piece together her own life both from memories resurfacing and hearing what is going on around her. Unfortunately she cannot communicate this. She is alone.


Its a tautly plotted well written novel exploring themes of marital secrets, childhood influences and bullying - as Sarah lies trapped within her own body her only defence really is Kelly - and the two stories intertwine really well which is what keeps you turning those pages with something of an obsession.


It is a twisty tale with an ending that whilst I did see coming had no lesser of an impact for that. Anticipating getting there was just as emotive as it would have been if I'd had no idea and was hit with a surprise. The finale is also very clever and really this was a great read from start to finish.


The Last Thing I Remember is spot on Summer reading. Shame that our weather isn't living up to the quality of the novels I'm getting through. In the rain.