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The Devils Work...

The Devil's Work - Mark Edwards

Read this in one sitting yesterday.

Its interesting in the explosion of the psychological thriller how difficult it is to find the good ones. There are lots of good ones to be fair but you you can't always find them. Mark Edwards for me has ALWAYS written good ones so I was looking forward to this and well. Read in one sitting so obviously I was not disappointed.

If anything I would say this is his best one yet, not only a banging thriller but beautifully plotted with many surprises, some really intriguing characters and a strong narrative voice that keeps things real. Scary real at times. Emotionally real at others. Often both at the same time. Plus really addictive storytelling in his usual style and in this case a beautifully layered multi faceted tale that also has zombies. ;)

Setting it in the world of publishing it appealed to me on more levels than one - managing to keep the reader off balance in the "what the heck" stakes was done with a fair amount of flair and the whole thing fairly rocked along to a heart stopping conclusion. Loved it. Consider me happy.

Highly Recommended.