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The Dark Side.

The Dark Side - Anthony O'Neill

Loved this one – it was dark and violent yet humerous and often human nature insightful – a pretty banging story that fairly rocks along.


First of all in the severely creepy stakes comes Leonardo Black, a murderous android. He is CHILLING for sure, as he rampages across the moon, very politely and with due consideration, yet you cross his path at your peril. This layer of the novel appealed very much to MY dark side. I kind of loved Mr Black.


The other side of the story is one man on a mission to bring justice to the moon. A job with rather a lot of issues seeing as how the moon happens to harbour the worst of the worst – the author does some intriguing and clever character building alongside some gorgeous and hip descriptive prose to create a beautifully vivid backdrop peppered with fascinating people (and androids) – The Dark Side is a totally immersive novel, one of those you live in the moment.


The narrative is  intelligently complex , Anthony O’Neill paints pictures with words and there is a really addictive quality to this one. The two sides of the story come together explosively for the conclusion and overall it was an entirely enjoyable and fun read. With murderous androids. And explosions and chases and criminally good characters. Spot on. More please.