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The Woman in Cabin 10.

The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware

Another page turning thrill ride with a claustrophobic vibe from the pen of Ruth Ware who wrote one of my favourite darkly delicious tales of last year – rather than a dark dark wood this time we are on a dark dark boat where there is no hope of escape for anyone, least of all the reader. Immediately absorbing.


Poor Lo. I felt for her. So sure that she has witnessed a murder -but the woman who disappeared had seemingly failed to actually appear in the first place, nobody knows a thing about her –  so what is a girl to do? Well drink a bit more, sob a bit then determinedly set out to track down a murderer. Who may or may not exist. For me The Woman in Cabin 10 was a homage to the classic locked room mystery and beautifully done. Plus seriously addictive.


VERY Christie Ms Ware – give us a limited number of suspects within a confined space, rock the boat a bit (yes I did do that) spin things around,make our main character sympathetically prone to being a bit daft and you have all the elements of a brilliant read that throws you right into the action and gets the little grey cells working overtime. Poirot would of course have solved it within pages and then waddled around being super important before gathering everyone together and revealing all – Lo however has to use her own wit and judgment, and is battling other demons that threaten to overwhelm her. So the outcome is never certain and indeed it might all be a storm in a teacup…


Clever, twisty, paced to perfection, surprising and intriguing, The Woman In Cabin 10 is perfect summer reading. Although if you DO read it on a beach, slather on the sun cream. You won’t be moving until you are done and we wouldnt want any painful consequences.


Highly Recommended