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You will know me. And you should read this book!

You Will Know Me - Megan Abbott

I loved Dare Me. I was so excited to get a copy of this new novel from Megan Abbott I actually did a little dance. Its ok nobody was watching. I hope…


Anyway, that aside You Will Know Me was quite simply a marvel of utter reading joy. Beautifully poetic prose that immersed you directly into the lives of the Knox family – most specifically Katie, mother to Devon, a gymnastics prodigy around whom their entire world has been built. When that world begins to crumble Katie discovers that she may not know as much as she assumed she did about her loved ones…


This was entirely brilliant. Atmospheric, genuinely absorbing, incredibly insightful when it comes to the nuances of relationships, those things below the surface. And the story is SO addictive, I just fell into it and didn’t come out much, the dramatic senses were tingling throughout the whole of the reading experience – that sense of something coming that won’t be good for anybody. The underneath of family life comes into sharp focus within the narrative and it is just entirely fascinating and one hell of a story.


I loved the layers that spoke to the life of an athlete, a prodigy, the work, the focus, the leaving behind of everything that isnt about THAT – it was authentic and telling and always compelling. The group dynamic of the parents, a set of people both supportive of each other and forever in competition was fascinating, then of course you throw a death into the mix, a death for which somebody was responsible and all loyalties change. Megan Abbott does a simply superb job of twisting and turning things around, forever moving the goalposts on Katie and what she trusts and believes. This is a journey, a road trip through one families life and as such it is mad good. Really. MAD good.


I loved it. I shall read it again I’m sure I missed some subtleties of plot whilst banging through it to discover the outcome -for Katie, for Eric, mostly for Devon and well, everyone else that the author throws into the mix here to create a character driven, hells bells of a tale that will hold you enthralled from first page to last.


Highly Recommended. HIGHLY. Just saying.