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The Girls

The Girls - Emma Cline

The Girls is a haunting and evocative read, beautifully written to capture both a sense of time and place and subtle nuances of character - I really enjoyed this one, it was one of those novels that gets all the senses working, an absorbing and intriguing read that really caught my imagination.


Evie is a strangely compelling character - I can't say I liked her that much, but I was involved in her journey. As she and her best friend grow apart, she becomes obsessed with a group of seemingly free spirited girls, Suzanne in particular and so gets caught up with a cult - although of course she doesnt see it that way. It was never going to end well, but Emma Cline leads you through that world with a deft touch and an engaging style that makes it a real page turner.


The Girls is one of those novels that when I review it I do not want to give too much away because the sense of it has to be taken individually - what I took from it the next reader will not. It is the story of a very personal journey, a coming of age tale that looks both at female friendship, obsession and the subtle manipulation of enigmatic charismatic men . Both clever and fascinating, these girls will stay with you.


The Girls totally consumed me during the reading of it - for that reason it gets a Highly Recommended tag from me.