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The Couple Next Door.

The Couple Next Door - Shari Lapena

The Couple Next Door is a fast, furious addictive read - I basically read 3/4 of it on a train journey and the rest when this morning, two chunks and done. Very clever twisty little story.

So a couple leave their baby and go next door for a dinner party, taking the baby monitor and checking on the baby every half an hour. By the time they leave the party the baby is gone....

This happens very early and thats it we are off to the races. The suspect pool is small and intimately drawn, the author weaves a twisted way around and about things in quick, easy fashion, offering first one clue then another, allowing parts of the truth to emerge then swooshing that truth round a bit and making it take on a different vibe. Thats what you get from the time you read the first page until the time you read the last. At which point you'll feel like someone stuck you in a washing machine and put you on the fast spin cycle.

Clever plotting was the key to making this one so delicious, a great example of how to write a proper page turner and hold your audience entirely in your spell. I was not particularly fond of the characters and found that I wasn't that concerned about the baby, possibly because the mother was the most annoying woman ever and it rubbed off, but boy did I want to know what the all heck was going on.

I can see this one being hugely popular. Certainly it was a fun read for me. I didn't think it had massive depth to it character wise necessarily or any real emotional pull but MAN it was incredibly engaging. Proper beach reading. I wasnt on a beach. The author will just have to do it again next time.

Recommended if you want a joyful reading head rush.