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Alone with the Dead

Alone with the Dead: A PC Donal Lynch Thriller - James Nally

This is one of those impulse buy books that worked out so well – spotted on a recent virtual shopping trip (lets gloss over the fact that I was supposed to be getting something entirely non book related) it accidentally fell into the basket. Its possible some of Donal Lynch’s ghosts took over and forced me to get it. I guess we will never know.

Loved this. I mean crime fiction is always the best book fix out there when you can find the good stuff, even if occasionally a bit same old, so when an author can put a little extra fascination in the tale of your standard copper its always intriguing. In Donal’s case the question hanging over his mental state was a clever thread to a multi layered police procedural with a twist.


Great plotting with great characters is what I look for personally in a crime novel and this one had buckets of both. Plus a wry and ironic humerous tone that often had me smiling, occasionally even letting out a very unbecoming snort of a giggle. Donal is sharp and well drawn, easy to grow fond of very quickly so big tick in the “Do I give a damn about the main protagonist” box. I did. I loved him. The supporting cast (especially his journalist brother and murderous ex girlfriend) are excellent and ever interesting, I was fully engaged with all of them throughout.


The mystery element aint half bad either. The clues are there, including the ones that may not really be there, the investigative track is pacy and intelligent, there are some nice little twists and turns along the way and it has a banging ending. Consider me satisfied.


Im very glad this is the start of a series, especially as James Nally has managed to pique my interest with a cleverly placed problem for Donal which will obviously bear more scrutiny. That plus the fact that it was a terrific story well told that made me wish I had book 2 already means this could become one of my favourite series. Ask me in a few years.


A dark heart that thrills and some rocking characters. Can’t ask for more than that.

Recommended for crime fiction fans.