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Twisted River

Twisted River - Siobhan MacDonald

Twisted River is the story of two families – both hiding secrets of different kinds – who swap houses for holiday purposes, this event bringing things to a head. It starts with a body then tells the tale of what led to this moment. For me, Twisted River was an excellent character study and an intriguing and engaging tale throughout, bit of a page turner and written well with enough difference about it to make it stand out somewhat in the plethora of this type of story around at the moment.


The construction was effective – hearing from four characters, seeing their lives both before and afterwards, the author does a great job of blurring the lines so that things are unexpected and unpredictable. Siobhan Macdonald has a great eye for pace and atmosphere, exploring themes of marriage and loyalty, the things we keep hidden from each other and the cost of lies.


I really enjoyed Twisted River it has to be said, was sympathetic to some characters whilst rolling my eyes at others, you get immersed into the lives of these people and it has a dark tone to it that appealed to me. Overall definitely recommended for fans of psychological thrillers.