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The Last One - Not for me.

The Last One: A Novel - Alexandra Oliva

Admittedly The Last One was not for me.

Very little to do with the quality of the writing, that was good, excellent in places. But the story lacked cohesion for me and I did not really relate to any of the characters. Plus the authors prediliction for the use of real names in parts and nicknames in others did cause me some head scratching occasionally and dumped me out of the story.

The premise is excellent and for the most part executed well. A survival reality tv show, the contestants challenged, both in groups and individually. Meanwhile in the other world that they are cut off from, something is happening. Or is it? I think if the author had played more with the possibilities - that "Zoo" (yes that one is a nickname) may genuinely be on her own in a dying world or indeed it may still be part of the show, this might have been more bang on for me. But it was a little wishy washy.

What I DID like, parts of Zoo's journey, her thoughts and feelings, didn't create enough emotion underneath to really grab me - again the disconnect from the character - but in fairness that is very subjective and others will see it differently.

So ultimately well written but I failed to engage. The ending was actually the best part but by then I had really lost interest.

So we are back to the start. This one was not really for me.