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Redemption Road - Just wow.

Redemption Road: A Novel - John Hart

Redemption Road, put simply, is an incredible novel.


While I was in it I was IN it, this is intensely absorbing writing with a depth to it that is utterly and completely gripping – the characters, the story, the sense of place and time, ALL of it bang on the money creating a perfect storm. Coming out the other side of this I am truly appreciative of levels, nuances, poetry of prose and just sheer genuis of construction that goes into creating a genuinely brilliant book and understanding more how rarely it is actually done.


Elizabeth Black is truly memorable as a character, layer upon layer of conflict and memory bring her to the moment we meet her, she is sympathetic, strong, focused and keeps you with her all the way. If it was just her this would be marvellous but it is not. ALL the characters are given the same treatment, the boy, the cop, Liz, the unknown killer, the supporting cast that go on a journey with them, most especially young Channing who I wept for many times.


John Hart takes you down some dark roads and explores some deeply emotive themes, there is not one moment in this story that is not insightful, engaging, often horrifying, always always authentic and every chapter is emotionally charged and will get you right in the gut. For that reason it is a read that I drip fed to myself a few chapters at a time, I wanted to get over one thing before I faced the next. The story twists and turns its way to one of the most heart stopping and heart  wrenching conclusions I have read in forever. If you read to feel, you’ll feel it all with Redemption Road.


For me personally there are very few novelists that can pull this off the way John Hart has here. In fact only two spring to mind, John Connolly and more recently Rod Reynolds – I’m sure there are more and I want to find them. Because this, again, is why I read. To find the books that will stay with me, linger in the memory, make me wonder occasionally what might have happened next. And most of all tell a truly bewitching story that holds you in its grasp.


Redemption Road has all that in spades – and then some. For that reason it comes Highly Recommended from me. Really, its a  no brainer.